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AC Repairs in Palm Beach County

I need AC to repair Pam Beach County all year round. Except for a few days, we turned off the AC unit to put the furnace on. But sometimes your air conditioner does not come back on and when you try nothing happens.

You find the electric panel and flip the breakers, but nothing happens. So now you need air conditioning repairs.

When your AC unit does not turn on, that is an emergency AC repair. At Atlantis AC, we will dispatch a certified technician with a service van full of parts to make your home or office comfortable.

Cost of Heating and Cooling Problems?

Our air conditioner and heating systems work year-round. We need AC performance in the warmer months. You might wonder why your electric bills have been high. If you notice your air conditioner stays on longer to cool than it used to. Your AC system should have a central air conditioner repair or

Suppose you have seen the signs; good for you! Keeping track of how often your heating and cooling system needs repairs is a sign that you might need a new AC unit soon.Cost to Replace a Central Air Conditioning Unit in Wellington, FL

Signs your AC Replacement is needed

  • AC is blowing hot air

  • Unusual noise coming from vents or units.

  • No air is coming out of the vents

  • Hot air is coming out of vents in summer.

  • Frequent repairs.

  • Higher electric bills

  • Age of Air Conditioning system

Energy Bills are Higher

The amount every month is going up, and you don’t know why. This is usually the first sign that your ac unit is taking longer to cool your home. You notice that the rooms are not as cool as they should be. One significant factor is that your older AC is not as efficient as it once was.

Lack of airflow

Your air conditioner is not blowing the air for circulation like it should. It could be from blocked vents or damaged ductwork, too.

House Temperature Changes

Spending hours trying to get your home cooler but never reaching the comfort level needed. Consequently, Freon levels may need to be checked or a broken compressor. These are all signs of outdated air conditioning that needs replacing ASAP.

Install a Conditioning system for you and your family before there is an emergency in the middle of the day in the hot Florida sun.

Our favorite brands are Trane, Carrier, Ruud, Mitsubishi, Amana, Florida Heat Pump, Bosch, and Daikin.

Commercial and Residential AC Repairs

We are your neighborhood AC provider for any kind of repair on any kind of cooling or heating system.

Why Choose Atlantis Air Conditioning?

Your local AC company will repair your AC unit, whatever your specific Ac problems may be. Our certified AC technicians will restore your home to the comfort level your needing in South Florida. Free Consultation to answer all your AC Questions.

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