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Why is choosing a new air-conditioning and heating equipment service so essential in 2020? Well, the financial bottom line is always the motivation.

  • First, It’s necessary to know what system is best for you and your family’s needs. 
  • Second, stay in budget and choose the best AC system in the marketplace that can offer as much energy savings as possible.

History has revealed the best brands from 37 years of installations and repairs. We Install  Only the best brands, see below the brands that have made the Atlantis AC Installations list. So we can deliver the best in the marketplace to your door.

The SEER rating is used as a guide to compare the different Air Conditioning Systems. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient your AC and heating system will perform with lower electric bills. 

These are the best brands that stand behind their products. Because we only want to offer the best products to our customers.

Not who has the best rebates for selling the unit, but what companies products are truly the best. So when you looking for a company that works for you, you can depend on Atlantis AC.

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Solutions for Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

See which Brands made the Atlantis Best Brands List.


Atlantis (List/links below) of the Best Brands in the Heating and cooling marketplace.

Trane  Air Conditioning and Heating

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating

Carrier Air Conditioning and Heating

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and Heating

Ruud Air Conditioning and Heating

Amana Air Conditioning and Heating

Florida Heat Pump

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating 

Residential AC Services

Commercial Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment | Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp

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Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment | Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp

There are Different Types of HVAC systems.

Cooling and Heating Split System

First, the whole system split outside is the compressor and condenser, and an indoor unit containing the blower and evaporator coil. Split System Central Air Conditioning is the most popular type.  

A furnace or heat pump can be connected to the indoor unit to offer heat.  Ductwork is installed to complete the system to blow the conditioned air to the different rooms. Competes for the air delivery and then return the air to be run over the coils to re-cool the air.

Amana Goodman-Air Conditioners


Ductless AC Mini-Split Heat Pumps

The Mini Split System has one outdoor unit that is great for small outdoor space. One outdoor unit can operate up to four indoor units.

The indoor units are designed to work in different rooms with separate thermostats. Plus, optional Accessories can be connected to clean and make the air more pleasant.

Atlantis Air Conditioning Carrier in Jupiter Florida


 Packaged Heat and Cooling Systems 

He plans according to the measurements of the home’s rooms and the size available for the air handler inside the home.

Your home will receive the new AC unit and installed according to the contractor’s designs. When it comes to missing your comfort level in your home or business is easy when it’s hot and your miserable.

We then take note of who your friends use doe HVAC services. That is where we shine for our business was built on recommendations. We excel at repairing all brands of Air Conditioning brands.


Heat Pump System ~ Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

A heat pump that is powered by electricity and the furnace, used in conjunction with a furnace that burns natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. Heat pumps work in reverse to cool the air and reverse cycle to heat too.

This device is very energy efficient for residents. The ductwork to complete the airflow through the residence or business.


Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions

Types of Commercial Chillers get the job done with cooling or heating a large home or business with air blown over cold coils of compressors to cool several large rooms are no problem at all.

Saving you time and money on your next AC project or remodel. 

We are always open 24 a day, seven days a week.



Rudd Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning

The most popular for residential homes has been the split system of central air. With many brands to choose from,






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