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Abacoa Air Conditioning of Jupiter Fl, Experienced AC Repair and AC Installations. Serving all of Jupiter Fl. and Palm Beach, Call us when your residential or business AC fails, and our highly trained technicians and well-stocked vans will be on their way to have you comfortable asap and will leave your site clear of debris.

We are ready to meet your service needs and exceed your expectations, whether you are installing a new AC or repairing your current HVAC to keep your home or business comfortable.

In 2022 with 38 years of excellence in the AC Marketplace, our services include repair, installation, and maintenance of all heating and cooling brands. You can not go wrong when you use Atlantis Air Conditioning.

We have AC solutions for all your Residential or Business needs; no job is too big or too small. We are here to serve your needs. Atlantis AC is proud to send the best AC technicians to service your home or business.

Preventative Maintenance

The key to extending the life of your HVAC system is preventive care. Atlantis AC offers maintenance contracts for your heating and cooling system.

This proactive maintenance contract means your professional technician services your HVAC system on a pre-set schedule. They inspect, clean, and lubricate the moving parts and may spot minor issues before they become major headaches for you.

Repair or Replace Let’s Do the Math 

The decision to repair or replace your HVAC system all breaks down to the math. The life expectancy times the cost of restoring services and parts. 

The typical life expectancy of an HVAC in Jupiter fl, West Palm is ideally 10-15 years of use. With proper care, it could last considerably longer by many years.

Professional HVAC installers often employ the 5000 rule in helping customers in their decision process. The 5000 rule is you multiply the age of the unit by the cost of repairs. If the total is over $5000, replacement may be the best option. For example, a five-year-old HVAC with a $500 estimate would be (5x $500=$2500), so a repair is a good option.

Installation Consultation

For a free installation consultation, please get in touch with your Atlantis Air conditioning professionals serving all of Jupiter Fl 33458. We can help you in the selection process by sharing the information and options to help determine the correct size and system for your business site or family residential property.

We only stock and install the best brands of AC units. Based on the length of the life cycle set by the Manufacturer. 

Our highly skilled technicians receive an additional four years of training to deliver fast and dependable AC repair services for our residential and business customers in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, and Wellington.

Atlantis Air Conditioning proudly serves Palm Beach County, including West Palm Beach, Jupiter Fl, Lake Worth, Wellington, and Palm Beach. Our technicians are nearby to service your residential or commercial HVAC units. Yes, including restaurants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee. Please contact your Abacoa AC service: Atlantis Air Conditioning of Jupiter Fl 33458.
(561) 586-1233


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Financing is available; call the office for today’s specials.


We’re Your Full-Service AC Provider for Indoor Comfort.


There are Different Types of HVAC systems.

Cooling and Heating Split System

The split system consist of outside the compressor and condenser, and an indoor component containing the blower and evaporator coil. This is on of the most popular types of cooling in Jupiter Fl 33458.  

A furnace or heat pump can be connected to the indoor unit to offer heat.  The ductwork is installed to complete the system to move the conditioned air to the different rooms. Circulates the air for delivery, and then returns it to flow over the coils to re-cool the air.


Amana Goodman-Air Conditioners


The Mini Split has one outdoor component that is great for small outdoor space. A single exterior condenser unit can operate up to four indoor units, allowing your family to set the thermostat to meet their own personal comfort level.

The indoor units are designed to work in different rooms, with separate thermostats to allow different settings depending on conditions in the room. Plus, optional Accessories can be connected to clean and make the air more pleasant.

Atlantis Air Conditioning Carrier in Jupiter Florida


 Packaged Heat and Cooling Systems 

Your contractor will design a plan according to the measurements of the home’s rooms and the size available for the air handler inside the home.

Your home will receive the new AC unit and installed according to the contractor’s designs. When it’s hot and your miserable, missing the comfort of a functioning AC, it’s not easy. We will restore the comfort level of your home and be on our way, leaving you blissful cool.

Please Recommend Us

When we complete your project to your complete satisfaction, please take a moment to note who of your friends and family might need HVAC services. That is where we shine, for our business reputation was built on recommendations by our 38 years worth of satisfied customers. We excel at repairing all brands of Air Conditioning and heating brands.


Heat Pump System ~ Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

A heat pump that is powered by electricity and the furnace, used in conjunction with a furnace that burns natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. Heat pumps work in reverse to cool the air and reverse cycle to heat too.

This device is very energy efficient for residents. The ductwork to complete the airflow through the residence or business.


Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions

Types of Commercial Chillers get the job done with cooling or heating a large home or business with the use of air blown over cold coils of compressors to cool several large rooms are no problem at all.

Saving you time and money on your next AC project or remodel. 

We are always open 24 a day, seven days a week.


Rudd Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning

The most popular for residential homes has been the split system of central air. With many brands to choose from,




Abacoa AC Repairs

The comfort of your home or office is our business. We are your local  Abacoa Air Conditioning repair company, we guarantee our services 100%. We are trained in all AC brands. When you contact us to set an appointment 24 hours a day a service van is dispatched with the most common repair parts needed to get your residence back up to the comfort level you accustomed too.


Residential HVAC Air Conditioning Systems

For Abacoa Air Conditioning residential installations we only install the best in HVAC brands. When you hire us you’re getting our 38 years of experience to install only the preferred AC brands. Because we know which brands stand behind their warranty and deliver the best in AC technology.


Central Air Repairs 

Central Air Conditioning units are very popular for their split AC. Outside you have the condenser and compressor are sitting on a concrete slab. This part contains the condenser coils. The air in your residence or business gets transferred through to cool or heat the air, then it is blown into the vents to deliver to the rooms in your home. Finally, the air is then pulled back into the unit through the return vents for cooling and continues to cycle.


Residential HVAC Air Conditioning Systems

We know we can save you money on your next HVAC Project for your residence or business. Our Abacoa Air Conditioning contractors are among the best in the county, and work along with the best contractors in Palm Beach County to deliver and install the best HVAC system on your property.

Bringing the best in HVAC technology to save not only time but money on future emergency repairs. With a maintenance plan, we have the opportunity to check your AC unit for wear and prevent future emergency break down.

Be ready, Plan for emergencies by preventing them is a good strategy. Call Atlantis to see how we can deliver the most efficient, energy saving brands with no hassle, no worries Air Conditioning.


  Financing Available

We all know that replacing your HVAC is a major expense and can occur quite unexpectedly. Atlantis Air Conditioning offers AC Financing. Call and check on our current specials and we offer (18 months interest free year round.) Call the office for any questions on financing and see how easy it is to get a new unit installed in your home or office. Don’t forget to ask about any specials we might be having.



Abacoa of Jupiter.


On the Town in Ababoa of Jupiter has so much to offer its residents and guest, that come to visit, shop, and have a great time with so many things to do.  Abacoa community was built in 1993 by the MacArthur Foundation

Designed to live and work in the three-story homes with the first floor being the business.

The open flow of the streets with houses with front porches and parking in the back of homes makes this community feel different and very polished. Christmas is always a delight to be shopping to find those unique presents.

Here is a local real-estate tour by Meyer Lucas. But if you want to feel at home, you’re just going to have to come for a visit — 17 different communities.

Valencia Martinique Antiqua Charleston court
Somerset New Haven Botanica Island
Greenwich Mallory Creek Canterbury Place Windsor
Osceola Woods Sandpiper Cove Tuscany


Home of Florida Atlantic University, Harriet L Wilkes honors college. Scrips Research Institute and Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience.

Base Ball enthuses are crazy about the Roger Dean Stadium. You will find near the Town Center in the community.

Shopping and Dining are both fabulous with over 40 storefronts.

Looking for real estate Check out the Abacoa driving tour. Here

Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Ductwork Installations

New ductwork installations installed in the new construction of homes and businesses last 10–15 years before problems start. Homes and businesses should replace ductwork before issues arise.

Replacing Ductwork replaced major issues like gaps, pest, mold, and mildew, even total collapsed Ductwork. It's a healthy alternative to old and drafty rooms or sick family members.


Ductwork Repairs

Regular inspection of your ductwork during a maintenance call could save your electric bills as well as even zones /rooms that are the same temperature.

Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Commercial Grade RoofTop Duct Installations

Commercial Ductwork Services

Rooftop or interior installations we repair and replace all ductwork. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. HVAC Pros for Mechanical Air Conditioning Fast and Dependable service.

Commercial Ductwork Repairs

Specializing in ductwork repairs for leaking ductwork is losing conditioned air when your building is suffering from an imbalance in airflow through the building. Some rooms are colder or hotter than others. Air duct repair will save you energy and money.

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

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