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 Wellington Air Conditioning.- Beautiful tropical is a paradise to live here unless your air conditioner is not keeping you cool and comfortable.

Hot South Florida is sizzling, and no place to sleep. When you find yourself in this situation, call a professional like Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp for a speedy fast AC repair. 100% Guaranteed satisfaction on all services.

38 years Atlantis AC Services


AC Unit Maintenance Wellington, FL

Atlantis AC is an expert in energy efficiency. We can help you with your energy consumption. There are several reasons why. Atlantis will check your total system. Test and a run pressure test and calculation are to troubleshoot. 
Sometimes you need some Freon because of your leaking O ring. It could be a failing Seal, component, compressor, compressor clutch. The evaporator is the bad or failing compressor. 

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Wellington Air Conditioning 

Services in Wellington Air Conditioning Repairs. 

 Our homes and businesses need Air conditioning to survive the hot Florida sun. Your equipment is under a lot of strain to keep up with the challenging demands day and night. That’s why you must trust a professional to take care of your whole system. Our professionals will save you money in the long run.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioners 

Central Air Conditioner,
Heat Pump,
Split Systems.
Atlantis AC likes to plan time to look after your AC with all warranty recommendations from your manufacturer. That’s how you get the best strategy to ensure the full lifespan of your home unit.

Heat Pumps in Wellington, Florida.

Heat Pumps Have come a long way in the past 10-15 years. Technology is very advanced, and the unit will heat and cool our hot homes when it gets cold in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We reverse the heat pump to heat.

 AC Maintenance Plans

The moisture in your home is recycled into your AC system making a complete cycle to renew your homes Air comfort, to heat or cool your home. Make sure you have signed up for our air conditioning maintenance plans, for we can keep an eye on your unit for you so you can have peace of mind. Atlantis AC teams are testing and analyzing the parts for wear and tear.
The units, as they age, will start to cost more in repairs and electricity. Of course, we can preserve the AC unit and any mishaps of stress on the system. Our knowledgeable technicians trained experts to handle any problem.


AC Technicians in Wellington, Florida.

We teach our technicians the solutions to the unit’s problems and how to test and analyze them. It’s different for each manufacturer. Atlantis Contractors train our technicians for they are the best in the business.
Keeping you cool is our job! Professionals like Atlantis Air Condition look after your best interest. Within the investment in your AC unit, it is a sensible decision.

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Wellington’s Air Conditioning Contractor

We are specialists in Energy efficiency AC and heating Contactors.

Your AC system layout on your new property or upgrade to your existing Air Conditioning Unit. Either an Air conditioner installation or a re-installation. Atlantis will install the perfect heating and cooling system for your living space.
The bottom line is to save you money during and after the project. So you will be comfortable in your home or business for years. And it does not hurt to save some money in the process.

Energy-Saving Cooling and Heating

Residential or commercial Installations or re-installations. Contractors design and install the correct size unit for your living space size. Help the owner chooses the right system for the different demands needed in the group.
Air conditioners have come a long way in the past 10-15 years. Especially Heat Pumps that cool and heat your home with excellent energy efficiency. 
A ductless mini-split system is excellent for thermostats in every room. Air conditioning for Hotels, Restaurants, and Schools

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HVAC Contractor for Wellington, FL

Air Conditioning Hotels, Schools, Business Offices

Limited space for outdoor unit or roof? No matter the space you have for Air conditioning. Atlantis Contractors is the business to help you achieve your heating and cooling installations.
Individual thermostats for each room, allowing guests to operate, are a significant comfort factor in your industry. Chiller for industrial buildings, we can help you from design to installation and beyond.

Historical Buildings meets Modern AC Technology.

Restoration projects of any size are not a problem. The mini-split HVAC, energy-efficient ductless split systems, Heat pumps, Zones in forced Air conditioning with Dual Variable speed fans.
We will tell you the pros and cons of the different climate control heating and cooling. Over the years, we have helped so many of our neighbors. We will be there for you too. Call Atlantis ac for your next project.

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We supply full service to residents, industrial and commercial property owners. Property Managers love us when you hire us to take care of your AC investment.
You can rest assured your air conditioner will be as efficient as possible. Our goal is to save you money on AC electric bills.

Wellingtons’ Air Conditioner Contactor of Choice. 

We know you can’t go wrong with a Heat Pump that reverses and cools in the summer. Very energy efficient, as well as the Ductless Mini, split systems. You have forced air conditioning with Central Air Conditioning and heat. Yes, we would love to talk to you and answer your AC questions. 

Find A HVAC Contactor

We are finding an HVAC Contractor. Make sure they have decades of experience. Make sure they are fully licensed, Bonded, and Insured. They come with HVAC commercial and residential parts to repair FAST.
Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp has all those benefits for our clients.
But most importantly, we treat you with respect: excellent Customer Service, Day, and Night.
We will be there when you need us the most.  We trust our Service teams 100%. That is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So you can trust them too.

Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Ductwork Installations

New ductwork installations installed in the new construction of homes and businesses last 10–15 years before problems start. Homes and businesses should replace ductwork before issues arise.

Replacing Ductwork replaced major issues like gaps, pest, mold, and mildew, even total collapsed Ductwork. It's a healthy alternative to old and drafty rooms or sick family members.


Ductwork Repairs

Regular inspection of your ductwork during a maintenance call could save your electric bills as well as even zones /rooms that are the same temperature.

Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Commercial Grade RoofTop Duct Installations

Commercial Ductwork Services

Rooftop or interior installations we repair and replace all ductwork. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. HVAC Pros for Mechanical Air Conditioning Fast and Dependable service.

Commercial Ductwork Repairs

Specializing in ductwork repairs for leaking ductwork is losing conditioned air when your building is suffering from an imbalance in airflow through the building. Some rooms are colder or hotter than others. Air duct repair will save you energy and money.

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

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