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Palm Beach Shores Air Conditioning and heating services for residential and commercial AC services.
If you’re sunning on the beach, you are expecting to be hot in the South Florida Sun. But when your home and after a hard day at the office. That is the last thing we want is to be uncomfortable when you are trying to relax.38 years Atlantis AC Services


Palm Beach Shores AC Technicians at your door.

Very stressful to get comfortable, and family members are complaining of the heat.

That’s where Atlantis has prepared an expert AC Technician to come to safe your day or night! We dispatch a van full of the most popular parts for replacements. 

We repair all brands of A/C units. We bring a stocked van full of the most needed parts for a speedy repair.

AC technicians are trained for years before they can go out to a site without a seaeoned technician to train and check thier work. We are very proud of our Air Conditioning team.

Emergency Air Conditioning

Who can sleep with a broken AC Unit?  Leaving your bed for the search for a cool breeze. Your Emergency Air Conditioning call is answered by Atlantis’s highly trained AC technicians.

We stay on call waiting for your call when you need us the most. 24/7 with a stocked service vehicle. 

Air Conditioning Installation

AC Replacement Brands

Want to know the best AC brands in the marketplace? That’s easy, we only install the best brands of commercial products in commercial establishments. Because of our 35 years in the marketplace, we know the marketplace of AC manufactory’s brands and only carry the best products in the marketplace.

Trane | Carrier | Ruud 

Mitsubishi |

Amana |  Bosch 


These are the tried and true brands that come highly trusted by Atlantis Air Conditioning. Through the past 35 years of dealing with the manufacturers and standing behind their products. We know who to trust and who not to trust. We see this every day and it just needs to be said.

You have a partner who has your back with knowing how your investment is going to give the full life cycle that the manufacturers predict. 

Call to see for yourself and experience the best customer service in Palm Beach County. 

Heating Solutions

Residential Heating in South Florida sometimes gets cold.
So when it’s cold as the snow in Florida 2018. Any problems found with your unit. Must be before the cold season gets here.
There can be issues with the heating element of your AC System. 
Heating Solutions
Heat Pumps are perfect for Florida heating. The ideal solution to keep your family comfortable all year long.
Heat pumps have reverse cycle air conditioners to cool your home in the summer.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair – All Brands are repaired for a quick turnaround on business comfort.
Atlantis AC has air conditioning systems for cooling & heating for any size business or problems. Commercial or
Professional buildings to keep up with the demand of the exterior structure with the sun heating the building.
Keeping the employees comfortable and on task. But your business will suffer when the AC cooling and heating system is down. Customers will leave the store. Employees’ productivity is down.
A speedy repair is imperative to saving the day. Atlantis is your best business choice for repairing and maintaining your AC system. To optimize the cooling and heating systems. See why Atlantis is the preferred Commercial AC Repair Contractor of choice.

AC Maintenance

Now your new AC is installed and working wonderfully. All your comfort is restored. Who needs an AC maintenance plan? You say to yourself, and I will save some money and do the AC maintenance myself. 

You get busy and forget about your schedule to check your AC system and say you will do that next month. Months turn into regret when you start to have repair bills reoccurring too often.

Let us take care of your investment. Atlantis is trained on what to look for to keep your make and model working, get your money’s worth from your AC unit, and meet the manufacturer’s life cycle.

Duct-Work Solutions

 Ductwork Solutions for New Ductwork and Ductwork repair. AC Ductwork is important to complete the air cycle and leaking ductwork can be the reason for colder rooms than others. Is it time for you to replace your ductwork? 


Smart Thermostats have automated HVAC consumers. So many conveniences with the aid of Wifi and the new longer-range wifi signals.

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Non programable Thermostat

  • Wifi Thermostat

  • Programable Thermostats

These thermostats really can change how you think of automation of your HVAC System and major lowering your electric bills. 

Air Quality

Improve the Indoor Air Quality of your home or office. Ultra Violet Light to clean and sterilize for clean indoor air. 

Indoor Air Quality Services | Air Purifiers systems The Most Common HVAC Problems of your sick house.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Air Purifiers
~Ultra Violet Light
~Improved Ventilation

Talk to the Experts

(561) 586-1233

is your house making you sick

air-conditioning-and-heating-equipment Atlantis AC

Solutions for Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

See which Brands made the Atlantis Best Brands List.


Atlantis (List/links below) of the Best Brands in the Heating and cooling marketplace.

Trane  Air Conditioning and Heating

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating

Carrier Air Conditioning and Heating

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and Heating

Ruud Air Conditioning and Heating

Amana Air Conditioning and Heating

Florida Heat Pump

Bosch Air Conditioning and Heating 

Emergency Air Conditioning on Palm Beach Shores Air Conditioning

Palm Beach Shores Air Conditioning- Your Comfort is our business. Call Atlantis AC now to get your home or business back to the previous comfort levels. ASAP


Open 24 hours a day, AC Repair Vans are ready to service your AC problem. 


Emergency Service is not comfortable for anyone. We make it easy to work with us. We know how your feeling and our goal is to get your comfort restored as soon as possible.




Air Conditioning Repair for all brands of AC makes and models.

We carry your AC parts in the service vans. For quick recovery of comfort to your home or business.

All our labor is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Services are Fast and Dependable.

Factory Trained Technicians


Financing is Available


Uniformed Employees and Service Vans that will come to your home.

Our service vans and AC technicians are easy to spot running around town or in your drive way.

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Things to do in Palm Beach Shores. (By the Locals.)

Palm Beach Shores is on the Atlantic Ocean and is the southern tip of Singer Island. West of Lake Worth lagoon waterway separates the town of Riviera Beach from the island.

Singer Island Beach


Singer Island is separate from Palm Beach by the intercoastal waterway. There is no across to Palm Beach from this island. But, you can see across the intercostal and see the beautiful homes and beaches.

Beaches of Palm Beach Shores


Beaches are well kept and full of locals and tourists. You will find the town has many mid-century homes that are being restored or are restored. You get a feel of the charming charter of “a slice of Old Florida.”

Parking of Palm Beach Shores


Parking is hard to find for hotels and residents’ homes. Best to park on the north side of the island and walk along the beach or sidewalks.


Fishing for Palm Beach Shores


Fishing along the intercoastal is a local hot spot for the locals. Also known as Easternmost Point In Florida, Palm Beach Shores, FL.


If you’re into Charter fishing. Look up Fishing Booker to get prices and locations.


Some Local’s Palm Beach Shores Favorite Restaurants


There are always fun places on the island and fun things to do.

Check out the “The Islander Grill And Tiki Bar” and Johnny Long Boat Restaurant. Another favorite is the Sailfish Marina Restaurant.


The restaurant is excellent. The atmosphere is a tropical setting, right on the water. The Brunches are wonderful. (561-842-8449) and the menu.

Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Ductwork Installations

New ductwork installations installed in the new construction of homes and businesses last 10–15 years before problems start. Homes and businesses should replace ductwork before issues arise.

Replacing Ductwork replaced major issues like gaps, pest, mold, and mildew, even total collapsed Ductwork. It's a healthy alternative to old and drafty rooms or sick family members.


Ductwork Repairs

Regular inspection of your ductwork during a maintenance call could save your electric bills as well as even zones /rooms that are the same temperature.

Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Commercial Grade RoofTop Duct Installations

Commercial Ductwork Services

Rooftop or interior installations we repair and replace all ductwork. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. HVAC Pros for Mechanical Air Conditioning Fast and Dependable service.

Commercial Ductwork Repairs

Specializing in ductwork repairs for leaking ductwork is losing conditioned air when your building is suffering from an imbalance in airflow through the building. Some rooms are colder or hotter than others. Air duct repair will save you energy and money.

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

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