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Heating Contractor

Heating contractor in Florida. South Florida sometimes gets cold. So when it’s as cold as the snow in Florida, any problems found with your unit must be repaired before the cold season gets here.

Residential HVAC Heating and Cooling Contractor

This task may seem overwhelming at first. But you only have to do it once. A heating contractor is knowledgeable about the different systems. And how to install the perfect system for you.
There can be issues with the heating element of your AC System. Heat Pumps are perfect for Florida heating. The ideal solution to keep your family comfortable all year long. Heat pumps have reverse-cycle air conditioners to cool your home in the summer.

We are fully licensed and Insured to take care of all your HVAC heating appliances.

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Commercial HVAC services

Commercial AC Design- New AC Installation

Our Commercial heating contractors will help design a new AC system. The details for the heating ducts and ventilation connects to the wiring, handler, and condenser unit.
The Contractor overlooks all aspects of the installation for new construction, business, or home use.


Heating Contractor

Heating Contractor- Hiring a heating and cooling contractor is the first step. The heating contractor will save you lots of money in the long run.
We are licensed and insured through the state to provide your building with an excellent design for the AC installation, ensuring the safety, air quality, and test for energy efficiency and inspections.
Heat Contractors integrate cooling, heating, and ventilation systems with ductless and duct and power supply systems.

Heating Solutions

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Heat pumps seer ratings range from 10.0 to 17.90 seer. The higher the seer rating the more energy efficient. 
Our team will help answer any of your questions. 
To help you with finding the right system that is perfect for your home or business and meets your budget. Heat pumps are accessible for the size of your home or business. And the climate and your installation and a few more factors.
We will be able to consult you and answer any of your questions. We are helping you answer your questions. So you will have an informed decision on which unit is best for you and your budget. 

Top HVAC Contractor Water Systems

Heating Contractor Insurance-Makes sure your new contractor has insurance. Because if you don’t, you might be responsible. For any injuries during the construction, repair, or Install. Installation can be quite involved.
So a professional heating contractor will have proof of business insurance and license for anyone that asks.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Cooling and Heating Services designed to keep your family comfortable. All Services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed        Since 1984.

Full Service HVAC Air Condtioning

The HVAC Contractor full-service installations, repair, maintenance plans that keeps your family comfortable all year long.

Free HVAC Consultation

Learn from the Expert HVAC contractors.  Ask questions about which Heating & Air Conditioning comfort system meets all the needs for your family. 

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Residential Ductwork Services

Houses and businesses with air handler systems are dependent on sealed air ducts to deliver the reconditioned air to cool every room. But as the air ducts age, they can have seams that separate, and air escapes the delivery of cold air into the living space and becomes lost in the attic or rooftop spaces.

Ductwork Installations

New ductwork installations installed in the new construction of homes and businesses last 10–15 years before problems start. Homes and businesses should replace ductwork before issues arise.

Replacing Ductwork replaced major issues like gaps, pest, mold, and mildew, even total collapsed Ductwork. It's a healthy alternative to old and drafty rooms or sick family members.

Ductwork Repairs

Regular inspection of your ductwork during a maintenance call could save your electric bills as well as even zones /rooms that are the same temperature.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

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  • All Service Vans Fully Stocked Ready to Service
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Same Day Service!
  • Fast, Dependable & Affordable
  • Factory Trained Technicians
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Commercial Ductwork Services

Rooftop or interior installations we repair and replace all ductwork. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. HVAC Pros for Mechanical Air Conditioning Fast and Dependable service.

Commercial Ductwork Repairs

Specializing in ductwork repairs for leaking ductwork is losing conditioned air when your building is suffering from an imbalance in airflow through the building. Some rooms are colder or hotter than others. Air duct repair will save you energy and money.

 Commercial Grade RoofTop Duct Installations


Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

Duct Work services Walt and Omar installing ductwork at the new Circle K, in Jupiter

Heating Contractor | Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp

West Palm Beach Air Conditioning Repair

Our technicians provide an around-the-clock AC repair service when you call for help. Be prepared to answer our questions when you call to make sure we have the parts needed for a speedy AC recovery and answer all your AC questions.
Like the brand name, the model. Also, ask the machine's age, the warranty period, and a few other related questions. Sharing information will help technicians get an idea about the servicing and parts needed for your Air Conditioner's repairs.
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Emergency AC Service

Customers might not know if your AC problem is an emergency or not. We know it’s challenging to understand. You will ask us questions if you’re not sure. So it’s also helpful to know if the servicing gets delayed.
That decision might cause severe damage to your system. Which will naturally cost you much more? Thus, take the expert opinions of our professionals as early as possible. They can quickly determine the extent of damage and what repairing service can fix that.

HVAC Contractor in West Palm Beach


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