Trane Autonomous Control

The first, Trane® Autonomous Control powered by BrainBox AI®, revolutionizes system optimization, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions through the integration of artificial intelligence. This innovative technology continuously fine-tunes Trane systems, enabling predictive data analysis for optimized performance and a minimized carbon footprint.Dependable Trane Autonomous Service Van to repair AC Refrigerant Leak

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Trane Autonomous Control employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) round the clock for automated system optimization. It enhances Trane Tracer® SC+ systems, perpetually improving performance without additional hardware. This secure, cloud-based service is exceptionally scalable, efficiently supporting multiple buildings with a single solution.


Trane Autonomous Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Round The Clock

In the realm of innovative climate control solutions, Trane, a global climate innovator under Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), has recently unveiled two groundbreaking products. These offerings serve to enhance energy efficiency and redefine heating and cooling solutions for critical IT and data center applications.

According to David Molin, Vice President of Trane Product Management, “Trane Autonomous Control presents a game-changing solution for building owners and operators striving for decarbonization and energy reduction. By integrating AI into control systems, buildings can achieve heightened efficiency and accelerate their journey towards decarbonization.”

Dependable Trane Autonomous Trane Air Conditioning Dependable Trane AutonomousUtilizing artificial intelligence round the clock, Trane Autonomous Control identifies and executes optimization actions autonomously. It augments existing Trane Tracer® SC+ systems, operates as a cloud-based service, and necessitates no additional hardware, ensuring scalability across multiple buildings.

Key highlights include the ability to synthesize real-time and predictive data, optimizing efficiency while maintaining comfort levels, reducing operational costs, and aligning with sustainability goals by curbing energy usage and carbon emissions.

Additionally to the Trane Autonomous Control, Trane introduces the Trane® In Server Row Solutions, specially designed to manage high-density server racks in data centers and computer rooms effectively. Available in two configurations, these solutions—DX (direct expansion) and CW (chilled water)—target hot spots with precision in various aisle applications.

These solutions cater to open-, hot-, and cold-aisle setups, offering tailored temperature control:

  • Open aisle: Units draw hot air, remove heat, and supply cooled air to the IT equipment.
  • Hot aisle: Captures hot exhaust air, maintains containment, and supplies cooled air externally.
  • Cold aisle: Extracts hot air, supplies cooled air, and maintains containment within the cold aisle.

The Trane In Server Row Solutions boast energy-efficient features like variable speed fans, economizers, and direct cooling to ensure equipment protection, maximized uptime, and reduced energy consumption. The flexible design accommodates various footprints, guarantees ease of installation and maintenance, and supports compatibility with racks from any manufacturer.

About BrainBox AI

Founded in 2017, BrainBox AI arose to tackle the energy consumption and climate change challenges faced by the built environment. Pioneering the global energy transition, BrainBox AI leverages AI-driven HVAC technology to create smarter, greener, and more efficient buildings. Collaborating with trusted global partners, BrainBox AI supports real estate clients across various sectors, including office buildings, hotels, commercial retail, grocery stores, and airports.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, a global AI hub, BrainBox AI employs over 150 individuals united by the goal of healing our planet. Collaborating with research partners such as the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), Montreal’s Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), and McGill University, BrainBox AI continues its mission. For more information, visit:

As Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp continues to spearhead innovation in air conditioning solutions, this collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, sustainable technologies to our customers. We are dedicated to advancing energy-efficient solutions and look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will bring to buildings worldwide.

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