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The Benefits of UV Lights


Why Do People Get Sick in the Winter?

There are several reasons why germs and viruses circulate in our homes in the winter. For starters, The overhead ultraviolet UV lights in hospitals, public settings, and residential homes could prevent the spread of dangerous and sometimes deadly flu viruses.

Contact our heating professionals at Home Comfort Experts today to learn about our indoor air quality services. We offer an Ultraviolet Air Disinfection Syclean to keep the air in the home clean.

Sleep Better With Your AC Unit; see how here. Ruud Air Purifier 4When Is the Best Time To Upgrade to a Clean Indoor Air?

The most significant benefit is when you get your cooling and heating unit repaired or replaced, the AC technician typically asks if you want to install this UV light technology in your Air Conditioning system.

Thankfully this technology is a proven solution, with ultraviolet UV lights through integrated UV lighting systems. To prevent the spread of mildew and mold in vents and pipes in our ventilation system. Interested in learning the five best benefits of using UV light in our HVAC Sytems?

1. Ductwork with Mold And Mildew

Fungal contamination of mildew and mold in your HVAC units is a typical problem you can’t neglect. The HVAC System spreads contagious diseases, allergic rhinitis, and asthma, rendering organisms and other illnesses. Benefits of UV Ultraviolet UV light allows you to develop a powerful air cleansing system in your home or business.

UV lamps prevent mold and mildew from building up in the vents and getting into your house. And eliminate pathogens, germs, fungi, bacteria, and viruses to keep your family safe.Trouble Shooting AC filters air born debris

2. Enhanced Air Quality with UV Lights

An air purification system will improve the air quality by killing irritants that make us sick with sinus problems. Living in a home with UV lights in your ventilation system will combat contaminants in your air-handling units, air ductwork, and airborne fungi.

Throughout your home, you can have Ultraviolet light destroy the drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals at 97 percent. Now you can have this defense in your home or office.

3. Home Sterilization and Disease Prevention

Air circulates in your home by the HVAC system ductwork, cooling all the rooms of the house or office building. So, when someone is sick, germs become airborne with bacteria and viruses and spread throughout your HVAC duct work System to other family members or co-workers, and soon everyone is sick.

4. Improved Airflow

This UV technology cleans the air with ultraviolet exposure by eliminating organic buildup on drain pipes, cooling coils, and ductwork Stopping pathogens and microorganisms, we breathe easier and sleep better by improving our indoor air quality.

5. Clean Air is Cost-Effective Investment

Yes, a circulation air that cleans itself. That’s a great reason to have Atlantis AC technicians inspect your home to see if you can benefit from this UV technology. Our professionals know precisely how much ultraviolet you will need for your heating and cooling system. Before installing an ultraviolet UV to your system.

The best Air Purifiers in the marketplace

There are so many in the marketplace you need a professional to advise you on which one will be the most efficient and cost-effective for your family’s needs.

Where To Get Quality AC Equipment And Services

Atlantis Air Conditioning in Lake Worth, Florida, has been in business Since 1.984. They are the leading provider that sells and installs UV Lights inside your cooling and heating systems. The residents of West Palm Beach are welcome to call to set an appointment to install UV Lights, AC repair, Air Conditioning, and heating installations; 24/7 Emergency Services and our excellent Maintenance plans will keep it all going.

Dependable Trane Autonomous Control AI Air Conditioning

Dependable Trane Autonomous Control AI Air Conditioning

Atlantis Ac introducing the new Trane Autonomous Control marks a paradigm shift in building management, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to predict, adjust, and enhance system performance. By seamlessly analyzing real-time and predictive data, it enables unparalleled energy efficiency while maintaining optimal comfort levels. This innovative solution represents a bold step toward sustainable and intelligent building operations, propelling the industry into a new era of efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Heat Pump Technology

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Smart HVAC, Smart Thermostats

Smart HVAC, Smart Thermostats

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Trane Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

Trane Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

Trane Variable-speed air conditioner systems, such as the XV17, XV18, and XV20i TruComfort™ units, offer advanced technology to ensure your home remains relaxed, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Elevating Air Conditioning Comfort

Elevating Air Conditioning Comfort

Elevating Air Conditioning Comfort Come see why only the best technicians and products are sent to your home when you call Atlantis AC.

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