Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Does UV light kill bacteria and viruses? Fortunately, Ultra Violet lights are highly effective in killing 99.7 of the dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are deadly and difficult to eradicate. The genuinely good news is they have been so effective they have eliminated the need to sterilize HVAC systems.


Nobel Prize for Medicine

The germicidal effects of UV light have been known for over a century since Niels Finsen won the prestigious Nobel Prize for medicine by using UV light to treat skin infections. In the battle against Tuberculosis in the 1950s, HVAC UV light was a significant aid in the fight to control and eradicate the virus. yes, UV Light does kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Using UV lights in coil sterilization is a proven method of controlling harmful pathogens in hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants in the US, with excellent efficiency.


Will UV lights help in the battle with the Corona Virus?

The study of Ultra Violet light is a subject of great interest, and the CDC is in the early stages of testing, but it is very promising. In the US, ultraviolet lights help protect us against the Corona Viruses and eliminate bacteria and pathogens.

Many public facilities and businesses use HVAC UV lights to improve indoor air quality. UV Lights are a great tool in the battle to keep our families healthy and our businesses open. The benefits of UV light are good news for our health and economy.


Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses and Do HVAC UV Lights Work?

The idea of light killing off deadly air-borne germs and bacteria may sound a bit like science fiction, but it is science fact. Westinghouse created the first commercial UV-C lamp 1930s. These lamps were used in hospitals in the fight to control TB.

Carrier infinity Air Purification Illustration

Adding UV light and high-quality filters to your HVAC system can genuinely improve the quality of the air your family is breathing.

Hospitals and other facilities have been using Ultraviolet light, also referred to as a germicidal light has been proven effective over decades in improving indoor air quality. It has withstood the test of time and proven its sterilization effectiveness.


How Do UV-C Lights Work?

UV lights used in HVAC systems are called Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems (UVGI for short). An HVAC UV light will create the same type of light found in natural sunlight. The UV rays from this UV light are of a much stronger intensity than the light from the sun by the time it finally reaches the planet.

The atmosphere and distance significantly reduce the Ultra Violet light that gets to the earth. The powerful HVAC UV light kills microorganisms by causing damage to their DNA, leaving them unable to reproduce or killing them outright.

Yes, UV Light does kill Bacteria and Viruses?

UV light bulbs only affect living organisms such as bacteria and viruses, like Staph and strep infection variants, and viruses like the common cold, influenza virus, and SARS.

A High-Quality HVAC Unit Air Filter for your Home

HVAC UV C light is ineffective in improving air quality due to allergens from pets, plants, or cooking odors. A high-quality HVAC unit air filter will eliminate these issues and, when combined with the ultraviolet light, will improve the air quality of your home and business substantially.

Indoor Air Quality

Recent posts concluded that the air inside our homes is 2-5x dirtier than the air outside. HVAC UV light device can help. The invention of air conditioning has made our lives much more comfortable, but it means that the stale air does not move freely out, leaving our indoor air quality unhealthy.

 We build our homes to keep the elements out; this also traps the pollutants inside our homes. We keep our homes closed up to keep the HVAC cooled air in and the sweltering heat out all summer long, then along comes winter, and we want to keep the icy cold out.

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

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The lack of air circulation traps the dirty air inside and reduces our home’s air quality. Your choice of adding an HVAC UV light system to your cooling system and a furnace UV light can improve your home’s air quality and your family’s health.

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Having HVAC UV lights in your heating and cooling system in your home can improve the indoor air quality of your home and business. A UV light bulb in your furnace can be beneficial as well. The UV light bulb used in an HVAC system has the benefits of controlling the growth of fungi, mold, bacteria, and pathogens in your system.

Ultra Violet lights reduce the need for messy vent cleanings and coil sanitation by killing and inhibiting the growth of germs, mold, and other harmful pathogens by keeping your ducts, vents, cooling coils, and air handler cleaner.


The Installation Of HVAC Systems

Many do-it-yourselfers will consider installing a UV-C light that offers the most effective germicidal wavelength in their AC unit or furnace on their own. The proper placement of the bulbs is essential, and a mistake could be costly and may reduce the effectiveness of HVAC lamps in your HVAC system, such as coil sterilization.

The correct placement of HVAC UV lamps in your home or business HVAC unit will fight to stop microbes from building up on your air handler, filters, drain pans, and duct surfaces. The reflective materials in your ducts will help magnify the HVAC UV lights.

The decision of where to place the UV lights is essential. Do you put the light in the air handler, the main supply, or the return duct?

Give us a call, and our professional Atlantis AC technician will be happy to install your HVAC UV light for your home or business. An HVAC Ultraviolet lamps system will help improve your family and employees’ comfort and health by eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Allowing a professional to do the job ensures the correct placement of the Ultra Violet lights for coil sterilization will 

Does UV light kill bacteria and viruses?

help to protect your investment.

Your Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp. has highly trained, experienced technicians ready and available to improve the air quality of your home or business with the proper installation. We have the experience and knowledge to properly install your HVAC UV lights to sanitize your system and get the most benefits from your HVAC system.

We are here to help you protect your family and employees by installing an efficient HVAC UV lamp. Please reach out to arrange an appointment to evaluate your HVAC system and the benefits of installing UV lamps for your coils and controlling mold, bacteria, mold, and odors. At which time we can give you a written estimate of the cost of the installation.


Coil UV Lights

Your HVAC has internal coils, which is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungi. The air flowing over the refrigerant-filled evaporator coils in your air handler allows condensation to form on the surface, creating a breeding ground for mold spores and other microbes. The correct installation of HVAC UV lights in your HVAC aids in coil sterilization.

The UV C light should be in contact with as many coils as possible to kill the growth of these microorganisms in your air handler. A UV C light wavelength can kill 99% or more of these harmful microbes in the ductwork in your heating and cooling system.


Ductwork UV Lights can Help

When installing a UV lights system, it is coordinated with the blower for the most energy-efficient benefits and saves on your energy cost.

The germicidal effect of the UV C light kills the bacteria and germs coming in through the intake vents helping to kill the mold and fungus germs in your systems and reducing the spread of illnesses.

Maintenance of Your HVAC UV Lamp

Once installed, it is essential to monitor the lamp to keep them free of air-borne dust by wiping them with a soft cloth every six months to maintain their total UV efficiency.

It is essential to avoid touching the bulbs when installing, as the oils from your fingers will reduce the UV waves output and could allow the bulb to heat unevenly.

After about 9000 hours, UV lamps will still produce light, but they will lose their germicidal ability to kill microorganisms and mold in your ductwork and for coil sterilization. They will require annual replacement, though the bulbs installed in the evaporator coil will last up to an average of 2 years.

Maintenance will add to the overall cost of an HVAC UV Light lamp, but the benefits of a fully maintained HVAC system with installed UV lamps are well worth the installation and maintenance cost.

Your Atlantis Air conditioning technician can service your HVAC UV lights device during their annual maintenance visits keeping your HVAC

Will HVAC UV Light Device Damage My AC Unit?

An improperly installed lamp can damage your HVAC system. The plus side UV light will also keep algae from blocking your lines and help your unit be more efficient by keeping it cleaner.

While true, it may shorten certain parts’ life span, such as your drip pan or non-UV stabilized plastics. A cleaner system is healthier for your family and reduces the burden on your AC. This energy efficiency will help you save on the cost of running your HVAC in your home or business.

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