The Ten Basics of AC Troubleshooting

The Ten Basics of AC Troubleshooting

The Ten Basics of AC Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your AC Unit

In the Ten Basics of AC Troubleshooting guide, we have all had those forehead-smacking moments of frustration and embarrassment when you seek professional help for a problem with something you own like your TV, car, or cell phone when the solution is quite simple, even obvious. Well, this can happen with your Air conditioner too.

When the heat hits you, your first instinct is to call for a professional service technician for help. We certainly understand that at Atlantis Air Conditioning Repair, and we are here to help 24/7 whenever you call; our well-stocked company repair van will be on its way to bring you cooling relief from the heat.

But it could be something simple. So let’s play Sherlock and go over a short troubleshooting list of common AC problems to see if we can weed out some of the possibilities and hopefully have you chilling in your home asap. After all, it is very satisfying to say, “it was simple, and I saved time and money.” If you don’t find your AC issue on our troubleshooting list, please contact us at Atlantis Air Conditioning tel (561) 586-1233


AC Troubleshooting: Water Leaking Inside or Outside

If water is dripping outside through the condensate drain line, it is just a sign that your AC is removing the excess moisture from the air. The water flowing from the drain line will be more noticeable when the humidity is high. If the water is not leaking from the drain line, it will collect somewhere else, which is a problem.

Water leaks inside are never a good sign and will often connect to one of the other AC problems listed individually below. It can be simple as it is too cool outside to run the AC, the drain line is disconnected, or the drip pan could be damaged or rusting. The other AC problems it may be linked to include dirty filter, low refrigerant from a refrigerant leak, dirty evaporator coils, and condensate pump not working.


AC Troubleshooting: Electrical Connection

The first item to check off your AC problems list: Do you have power? The first step is to turn on the lights. If they come on, we move on to the circuit breaker box. Check for any thrown circuit breaker or blown fuses from a possible power surge etc.

Please remember your HVAC will have a dedicated 220 or 240-volt circuit breaker near the unit, so you will need to check both the electrical panel and the dedicated breaker/disconnect.

Remember, electricity can be dangerous. Do not attempt to do electrical repairs yourself; call a professional. If the fuse is blown or the circuit breaker is tripped, and you replace or throw the switch, if it trips again, DO NOT TURN IT ON AGAIN.

Please call for a professional technician to do a complete diagnostic exam of your HVAC system. We at Atlantis Air conditioning are ready to come to your aid 24/7, and our repair vans are stocked with many commonly required parts to complete your repair immediately and safely.


AC Troubleshooting: Check Your Thermostat Settings

The battle over the Air Conditioner thermostat is a reality in many homes, so you want to check to make sure your significant other has not raised the thermostat to “hot as Hades” LOL “Some like it hot” is not just the name of an old movie.

Carrier Touch control Thermostat Basics of AC TroubleshootingThere is a wide variety of thermostats. They are the control center for your cooling system allowing you to set the temperature and fan speed. There’s the basic thermostat you must go to and change settings. But we now also have the luxury of energy-saving smart wifi-connected thermostats that allow us to control our AC with our wifi-connected devices, smartphones, and tablets. These smart thermostats will enable us to save energy by setting our air conditioners to run at more energy-efficient settings when we are away from home and lower to cooler temperatures before we arrive home.

Before calling for a Service Technician for any of these issues

  • The temperature reading on the thermostat is higher than desired

  • Warm air comes from the vents sometimes, and cold air blows at other times.

  • No air coming from the vents

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, check your thermostat before calling an AC service technician.

  • Check the temperature settings to confirm another household member has not changed it.
  • Warm air? Is your thermostat set on Heating instead of cooling? If so, change the setting to cooling or automatic, allowing your Air Conditioner to adjust to maintain your desired temperature automatically.
  • There are three options for the fan “on,” “off,” and “auto” When the fan is in the on position, the fan motor will run continuously. Even when the air is not cooling, it will blow warmer air if the AC is not running. The fix for this is to change the setting to auto, so the fan only blows when there is cool air to circulate.
  • If you have an intelligent programmable thermostat, examine your comfort setting schedule for any changes you need to make to the time frames for cooling and energy savings. Most families set their units to cool the house when they expect to arrive home and to more energy-efficient settings when they are away for work, school, or sleeping.

After you have made these troubleshooting adjustments and still having issues, it may be time to call for your professional troubleshooter Atlantis Air Conditioning. We are available for emergency service 24/7 for your convenience and comfort.

AC Troubleshooting: Dirty Air Filters Bad For You, Bad For Your Cooling System

Your next basic step in AC troubleshooting is checking your air filter. Clean filters are essential in keeping your air quality and efficient airflow. Not maintaining your filters can lead to clogged air filters, which will block the airflow coming in to be cooled by the coils. This blockage can damage your unit and reduce the cold air from the vents.

Trouble Shooting AC filters air born debris Dirty filters are a common ac problem; it is a good idea to schedule a reminder to change and maintain the air filters. How often you change them will vary by household conditions and occupants. People with pets, smoke, or live in areas with more airborne pollution may need to change their filters more often.

Most manufacturers recommend every 90 days, but people with pets may need to change as frequently as every month. Dirty air filters can lead to loss of comfort, the inefficiency of your cooling system, and your HVAC system could fail in extreme cases.

  • Signs You May Have Dirty Filters

  • Your home is warmer than usual, despite your thermostat temperature setting.
  • There is reduced airflow coming from your cooling vents.
  • Your AC is short cycling starting and shutting off frequently.

Check your manufacturer’s owner’s manual for directions for cleaning or replacing your air filters. Your basic filters are often inside the furnace cabinet, but if your system has a larger, more complex filter, they are often outside the furnace in between the furnace cabinet and your return air duct.

When cleaning or changing the filter does not resolve your cooling issues, you might need to contact your fully trained Air Conditioning technicians at Atlantis Air Conditioner to fix your AC problems 24/7.


troubleshoot an air conditioner check thermostat settings

AC Troubleshooting: Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant flows through copper tubing looping through your air conditioner. It pulls the heat from your house and deposits it outside, leaving behind comfortable, cooled, dehumidified air.

If your refrigerant level gets too low, you might notice the following issues.

  • The House temperature is not reaching or maintaining your pre-set cool temperature.
  • Your air conditioner is running longer without getting cool.
  • Or you might notice it repeatedly cycling on and off quickly, called short cycling.

After confirming your thermostat is set to your desired temperature and, your air filter is clean, your home is still too warm, you may have a leak or something else that is causing your refrigerant levels to drop to an inefficient level. It is time to call upon one of our qualified, courteous HVAC technicians at Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp. Do not try to AC troubleshoot any refrigerant leaks or issues yourself. You need professionals.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

AC Troubleshooting:

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The next item on our AC troubleshooter list is the evaporator coils. With the normal central air split system, the evaporator coil is frequently found inside the home or in the garage it is part of the air handler system. The evaporator coil, if it is a fan coil, is usually found inside the fan coil cabinet.

Signs of a Frozen Evaporator Coil

  • Are your energy bills rising?
  • The house not cooling efficiently.
  • Condensation draining near your indoor unit
  • Frost or ice on the copper tubing carrying the refrigerant from your evaporator coil cabinet
  • Frost forming on the copper tubing of the outdoor unit


What Causes Evaporator Coils to Freeze

  • The build-up of dirt, dust, and other pollutants on the evaporator coil
  • Very dirty or clogged air filters
  • Heavy buildup of dirt, dust, and debris on the condensing unit outside
  • And surprisingly, Low Refrigerant Levels also can cause evaporator coils to freeze

A frozen evaporator coil can cause serious damage to the coil and create a costly repair bill. If your coil is frozen, your best course of action is to shut the system down and call Atlantis Air Conditioning for repairs. The coil is not easily accessible, and the refrigerant level issues need to be handled by a professional.

Please do not attempt to AC troubleshoot electrical or refrigerant issues on your own. These issues truly require a trained, licensed technician.

AC Troubleshooting: Condensing Unit is Broken or Failing

The condensing unit of a split system central air conditioner sits outside the home and contains the outdoor coil, the condenser fan, the condenser fan, and the electronic controls. When AC troubleshooting your air conditioner problems, you can look at the condensing unit for issues such.Air Conditioning Residential Coil condenser

  • Not cooling or not cooling sufficiently
  • When the system is short cycling (turning on and off rapidly)
  • When the air conditioner is running continuously or for excessively long periods of time
  • You are seeing ice on the coil or cooper refrigeration tubing
  • Condensation unit not working at all

Some of the causes of condensing unit failure are the same as with the evaporator coil, extremely dirty coil, or a refrigerant leak. The outdoor unit may also have additional causes, such as a damaged compressor, a failed condenser fan motor, or issues with the run capacitor. These issues require the expert care of a trained AC repair technician for rapid service 24/7, please call Atlantis Air Conditioning.

Please do not attempt to troubleshoot electrical or refrigerant issues on your own.


Is it time to call the Expert in AC Troubleshooting for your Air Conditioning Problems?

Now that you know what some of the common issues are with Air Conditioners, you can save time and money. But deciding when you need the help of true professionals is also very important they know all the areas to troubleshoot and have the expertise to repair the issues to have you comfortable in your home asap.

Their training allows them to address all the performance issues and connected issues that are causing your AC to fail to cool your home comfortably and raise your energy bills.

Failing to diagnose and repair issues can lead to further damage and possibly a total system failure and require replacement.

We highly recommend maintenance programs with a technician AC troubleshooting your unit for problems on a pre-determined schedule. This maintenance helps to prevent emergency repairs. Please call 38 years Atlantis AC Services Atlantis Air Conditioning we are here to serve all your 24 hour AC emergency service for all of your cooling and heating needs.





Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Service

It’s a hot summer day and no one in your office can keep their minds on business. Unbearable humidity is making everyone hot and cranky. A broken air conditioner system is costing you and your company lots of money every minute that your commercial air conditioner goes without repair.

Call Your Commercial AC Repair 24/7 Tech At Atlantis Air Conditioning

Commercial buildings with unhappy employees might as well be sent home if an emergency commercial air conditioning repair does not happen soon. What to do? Call Atlantis Air Conditioning your experienced 24/7 company. (561) 586-1233

Air Conditioning System Repair

We recognize that every day of construction and every minute of lost productivity costs you money. Founded in 1984, Atlantis Air Conditioning is locally owned and operated. We’re a Top Trane Contractor, plus we maintain, service, and repair all major brands.

Commercial AC Repair 24/7

HVAC servicing for the commercial building where heat and air conditioning systems are checked for the moving parts that are not working. To get your AC up and running ASAP. We only hire the best technicians to serve your business. Our service vans are well stocked with the most frequently required Commercial Air Conditioning Repair parts to complete the repair on your make and model cooling-heating system. Your HVAC Equipment is checked and AC parts are replaced by highly trained Atlantis AC technicians 24/7.


Commercial HVAC Installation

Some of Our Commercial HVAC Services

  • Water Cooled Chillers
  • Commercial Ventilation
  • Kitchen Cooler Refrigeration
  • Air Cooled Chillers (and more).
hall roof, ventilation, air conditioner

Whether your need a new installation, replacement, upgrade, or tenant improvements, give Atlantis AC a call. Our extensive experience covers central systems (including air handlers, duct work, registers & grilles, and controls), ductless split systems, package units, and heat pumps. We take great pride in our fast, efficient, and highly skilled HVAC specialists, who will ensure that all commercial Air Conditioning repair is completed to the highest standards.

Your satisfaction is our motivation! Since first opening our doors, we have built our business on quality workmanship and fair pricing. Whether you are in need of repairs, maintenance, or a new installation, Atlantis Air Conditioning & Heating employees have the knowledge and skill base to get the job completed. Schedule Air Conditioner Repair in Palm Beach County. When you need a fast-acting commercial HVAC expert in West Palm Beach or its surrounding communities to repair your commercial air conditioning unit.

In the midst of our sweltering South Florida summers, nothing matters more to us than our Air conditioning system. Quality commercial air conditioning is vital to keeping your business running. You don’t have time to monkey around with it when trouble arises. You need a top-notch commercial AC service to take care of it, as well as perform maintenance and replacement services when necessary.

Commercial HVAC Systems Repair & Installation Trust is the commercial heating & cooling expert at Atlantis AC. Contact Us Today Expert Commercial HVAC Repair & Services Make sure that your customers, clients, and employees remain comfortable during the ever-fluctuating temperatures and seasonal changes we see in Florida. Atlantis Air Conditioning has been providing commercial HVAC system services in South Florida.


Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair when your service manager’s top concern is knowing who to call for commercial air conditioning service the importance of establishing a relationship with a reliable, fast, and honest Air Conditioning company for times of crisis becomes very evident. It is knowing who to trust for fast and reliable service. Atlantis AC is the best choice today, for we are your local commercial air condition repair company.

Why Choose Atlantis for your Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs?

We understand that your commercial air conditioning system is essential to running your business. Because your commercial cooling system is integral to your customer and tenant satisfaction, we promise to deliver prompt service to your job site with little interruption to those entering and leaving your organization. In addition, our highly skilled HVAC specialists will make sure that all Commercial Air Conditioning Repair work is accomplished to the highest of standards.


Atlantis Air Conditioning HVAC System Installation Technicians

HVAC system installation technicians will deliver your new equipment and install it promptly with impeccable attention tCommercial Air Conditioning Repair Commercial AC Design for New Installationo detail so that you can start enjoying the comfort of your new commercial HVAC system.

Atlantis Contractors HVAC System Design Services Not only can we replace your existing cooling or heating system, but we also specialize in new HVAC system design. Whether your building is currently under construction or installing a system where you don’t already have one, we can help you choose the best system for your needs and design and install the ductwork so that you have even coverage to get your unit up and running again.


Whether your System (VRV) & variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems

Atlantis Air Conditionings technicians receive continuing education on commercial VRF air conditioners, variable refrigerant volume (VRV) & variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, Indoor Air Filtration systems, And more!

Why Choose Atlantis Air Conditioning & Heating? We understand that your commercial air conditioning system is essential to running your business. Because your cooling system is integral to your customer and tenant satisfaction, we promise to deliver prompt service with little interruption to those entering and leaving your organization. In addition, our highly skilled HVAC specialists will ensure all work meets the highest standards.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Services

We offer preventative maintenance plans that will extend the life of your system and keep your operating cost down, and we will be your on-call HVAC repair service when an issue occurs.

Businesses with a Commercial AC maintenance plan may have less need for emergency repair services saving your business both time and money. A maintenance plan means your system is serviced and kept running at optimal condition by cleaning and lubricating all moving parts and catching minor issues before they become big repair problems for your business’s cooling system.

There is an additional charge, but they are well worth the investment to maintain your system and help prevent shutdown, loss of productivity, and unhappy customers. Discuss your Maintenance Plan options with your Professional Atlantis Air Conditioning technicians today.


Commercial Air Conditioner and Heating Services

When it comes to heating your commercial building, there are a lot of factors that determine your ability to stay warm. Your expert Atlantis AC Commercial HVAC System Installation team knows how to get the most out of the HVAC they install. A poorly executed installation could impact your new heating and cooling system‘s efficiency, effectiveness, and life expectancy.

Atlantis Heating & Air Conditioning will provide all the help you’ll need when deciding the proper size, the correct type of system, and the right price tag for your business. Our expert commercial HVAC system installation technicians are knowledgeable of the air conditioners, variable refrigerant volume (VRV) & variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, Indoor air filtration systems, And more!

What is a Ductless AC Mini Split Air Conditioner

What is a Ductless AC Mini Split Air Conditioner

What is a Ductless AC Mini Split Air Conditioner?

The Ductless mini-split is an excellent cooling system for homes without an attic or crawl space. The air handler of a Ductless Mini Split is placed inside close to the ceiling. The compressor and condenser outside are connected by a conduit. The fact that the compressor is outside the house reduces the noise inside our homes.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are an excellent choice as they are energy efficient and allow to set separate temperatures for individual zones.


air conditioner, ac, cool

The Advantages of a Ductless Mini Splits Air Conditioner

The ductless mini-split has several advantages over other air conditioning systems. These advantages are both economic and in terms of comfort level. Such as easier to install, and individual control of temperature within the zone.

In 2015 the Federal Government set a minimum standard seer of 15 seers for mini-split systems, but energy star units avg 20-25 seer. It is important to note that the higher the seer, the more efficient the system will be. The energy star products will save a significant amount in your energy cost and allow you to cool the rooms you occupy.

Seer rating and BTU are not the same things. The seer rating is determined by dividing the BTUs of heat removed from the circulating air by the amount of energy needed by the AC models system in watt-hours. A unit with a higher ratio is more energy-efficient and earns a higher energy star rating.


Can A Mini Splits AC Be Used To Cool Multiple Rooms?

The answer is yes. While some rooms like walk-in closets and bathrooms may never need an air handler. When we need more control of the individual zones, a multi split will be your best option. The primary consideration in choosing whether a Mini-split system or a multi-split air conditioner is the right option for your home is the ability of multi splits to control the individual zone temperature. When this is not required, a single unit on a wall that allows good airflow between the rooms is a good option.

A multi splits unit allows for individual comfort control of a zone, ending the battle over the central air conditioner’s thermostat and, simultaneously, allowing individuals to set their own perfect sleeping temperature, an advantage over a central air conditioner, especially when you choose an energy star-rated model, where it is possible to save up to 40% over a central air conditioner.



Mini-Splits Advantages over Central Air Conditioners

The economic considerations include the cost; they average about 50% less than the installation of central air conditioners. Mini Split Systems do not require ductwork making the ductless system faster to install. Mini Ductless systems allow zone cooling of the occupied rooms instead of cooling the whole home and allowing for more efficient energy use.

The mini-split can create a fantastic amount of cooling power for a fraction of the cost of other cooling systems, such as central air and window ac units.

What is a Ductless AC Mini Split Air Conditioner – Mini Split Systems Advantage Over Window Units?

The advantages of the mini-split systems over window units are many. The ductless system is far quieter than a window unit, also known as window shakers. This reduction in the noise allows us to cool our home and still carry on conversations, watch TV and listen to music at a lower volume. Noise pollution is a real issue and very damaging to our hearing. A mini ductless system allows us to be comfortable and protect our hearing.

The mini-split air conditioners also can heat our homes, unlike most window air conditioners that only offer cooling systems. Another advantage for hurricane-prone areas is that the mini split air conditioner doesn’t need to remove when a storm is threatening the area. Window units must be removed in preparation, leaving you sweltering in the heat until the storm passes.

Energy Efficiency of a mini-split air conditioner over window units. ‘While window units can efficiently cool an individual room. The mini-split is the preferred option to cool larger areas efficiently over a window unit, with energy savings averaging about 40%.

A mini-split has a life expectancy of up to 20 years, about double that of a window AC unit. Your professional Atlantic Air Conditioning technician can help you evaluate your cooling system needs and choose the appropriate capacity for your installation by the square feet of your home and the space you need to cool or heat. Some other considerations could be from external factors such as sun exposure.

The Best Ductless Mini Split Air ConditionerAtlantis Air Conditioning Atlantis Service team of VRF installers

The ductless mini-split air conditioner system allows cooling of a room more efficiently without the need for air conditioning, making the system more efficient with fewer components and less noise than the window AC or heat source. Central heating and air conditioning normally circulate air across rooms.

Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp installs only the best air conditioners in the marketplace. Since 1984 they have repaired, replaced, and maintained West Palm Beaches warranties of manufacturers. They know from experience which AC units perform and the manufacturers that do not stand behind their products. Let the professionals at Atlantis help you install the best air conditioner for your needs. High energy star rating with the highest cooling capacity. Call for your free consultation to answer any of your installation questions. 561-586-1233

Trane Ductless Mini Split

Trane VRF technology (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is taking over the HVAC installation space. The popularity of VRF for heat pumps and recovery systems is due to our worldwide goal of decarbonization of HVAC systems.

Our worldwide goal of decarbonizing HVAC systems has made the VRF for heat pumps and recovery systems very popular.

Atlantis AC is a trusted partner of Trane, trained to deliver the best fit for your next project. Call us to help you with your family or business questions to understand if VRF technology and if it’s the right choice for you.

Bosch Ductless 5000 VRF MDCI

Climate 5000 Dual-zone and its Energy Efficiency rating of 23 Seer is turning the heads of many when considering a new install.

Their broad ranges from 8 kW to200W. Super efficient inverter-driven compressors. Design and patent an innovative air cooling unit or design multiple units for precision heating and cooling capacity.

Bosch VRF Intelligent Manager

The VRF intelligent Manager can only control up to 1,024 units individually. Owners can monitor their Bosch mini-split systems with a smartphone.

Carrier Ductless Mini-splits Air

Carrier’s Infinity Heat Pump with Basepan Heater Single zone system has up to 42 Seers and 15 HSPF for ultimate energy efficiency. A ductless mini-split air conditioner with ductless heat pumps, air conditioners, and heating cooling systems.

VRF -vs- Traditional AC Systems

Carrier VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Offers a better AC unit than traditional AC systems because they can find in any space with a choice of any size and shape that does not require any duct space. Energy efficiency with selecting the rooms for different temperatures. Mini-split system can be configured for one or multiple zones but powered by one single inverter outdoor unit. Variable speed brings comfort to every room.


Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF

Mitsubishi VRF and Hybrid VRF give you the best of both worlds. Using two pipes to carry the refrigerant gases around a building instead of chillers and boilers with four lines around your building gives you great comfort. But the VRF systems only need two lines to carry the refrigerant gases around a building, with very effective heating and cooling with exceptional energy efficiency through heat recovery. VRF systems can work on a larger scale HVAC system


Rheem-Ruud Ductless Mini Split

Ruud is an excellent company that offers single and custom multi-zone and mini-split options for heating and cooling even in difficult areas. In 2015 the Federal Government set a minimum standard of 15 seers for ductless mini-split systems, but energy star units have an average of 20-25 seers.

Ruud is one of Rheem’s product lines whose goals are to create products engineered for lifetime sustainability; their products are engineered responsibly with recycling and reduced energy consumption in mind to reduce the carbon footprint of our cooling systems.


Amana Air Conditioning and Heating

Amana is an American company engineered and built in the USA. They have a massive facility outside of Houston, Texas, that efficiently houses engineering, logistics, manufacturing, and customer support under one roof.

Amana may offer fewer options on their mini splits models than some other brands, but their durability and warranty make them a suitable choice for our homes.


24/7 Emergency HVAC & How do you survive a broken air conditioner?

24/7 Emergency HVAC & How do you survive a broken air conditioner?

24/7 Emergency HVAC & How do you survive a broken air conditioner?

Atlantis Dispatch is always here for you, 24/7 for Residential, Business HVAC, or Commercial HVAC maintenance. No matter what time of day or night, our dispatch will be there for you.

It’s the middle of summer, and your air conditioner has stopped working. The inside of your home is starting to feel like a sauna, and you’re starting to panic. What do you do?

First, don’t panic. You can do a few things to survive a broken air conditioner. Secondly, call for 24/7 emergency AC repair. Our team of professionals will be there to help you get your air conditioner up and running again in no time.

Air Conditioner Repair Emergency

As any Floridian knows, air conditioning is a vital part of life in the Sunshine State. They keep homes and businesses comfortable, but they also help protect against the dangers of heat stroke and dehydration. However, air conditioners are also prone to breaking down, especially in the hot and humid summer months, causing an ac repair 24-hour service to be needed.

However, these cooling machines don’t always cooperate. You’re not alone if you’re dealing with a broken-down air conditioner. Here are ten common reasons why ACs break down in the Sunshine State:

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioning refrigerant is what helps your air conditioning unit cool the air. If there’s a leak, your team won’t be able to do its job correctly.

Dirty coils

The coils inside your AC unit can get clogged with dirt and dust over time. It prevents them from being able to transfer heat, leading to an emergency HVAC repair.

Fan Problems

Both indoor and outdoor fans play an essential role in the cooling process. If they’re not working correctly, warm air can cause your AC unit to overheat and break down.

Drainage Issues

Is an AC leak an emergency? A clogged or blocked drain line can cause water to back up into your AC unit, damaging it and leading to a breakdown.

Thermostat Issues

If your thermostat isn’t working correctly, it can prevent your AC unit from coming on or cause it to cycle too.

How do you survive a broken air conditioner?

If you’re like most people, you rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. But what happens when your AC breaks down? While it may seem like the end of the world, there are some steps you can take to survive until your 24/7 Emergency HVAC services arrive. Here are ten tips to help you get through a broken air conditioner:

– Drink lots of water: Staying hydrated is crucial in hot weather, so drink plenty of fluids, even if you’re not thirsty.

– Avoid strenuous activity: If possible, avoid any physical activity that will make you sweat. That means no strenuous workouts, no running errands, and no chasing after the ice cream truck!

– Stay in the coolest room in the house: Find the coolest room in your home and set up camp there. If you have a basement or an attic fan, now is the time to put it to use.

– Take cool showers or baths: This will help you stay cool, but it will also help reduce any swelling caused by the heat.

– Use frozen towels or ice packs: Place a few towels in the Freezer and place cold towels on your head and body.

With these tips and our 24-7 emergency AC repair service, you’ll be able to survive a broken air conditioner until help arrives.

HVAC Emergency cooling and heating repairs

24/7, Atlantis Dispatch is here for you! We offer emergency services to restore cold air to your home or business. Atlantis AC knows you cannot anticipate if something is awry, so we provide emergency HVAC services seven days a week.

For customers with Emergency cooling or emergency heating repair, even on the weekends, during late hours, and during holidays we will gladly provide high-speed emergency ac repair services. Emergency technicians are available 24/7 for emergency HVAC repair situations. Our expert emergency technician, trained to repair all heating and cooling systems brands, arrives with a service van fully stocked with repair parts. We are providing a quick and efficient turnaround time.

Commercial Maintenance

In need of some HVAC maintenance? Our team of certified technicians is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help keep your HVAC system running smoothly. From regularly scheduled maintenance to unexpected repairs, we’re here to help you keep your heating and cooling systems in top condition.

A little air conditioner maintenance can go a long way, especially when your AC system offers comfortable indoor air temperatures for years to come, but only when they receive regular care from HVAC maintenance technicians.

Without routine maintenance, a heating and cooling contractor will eventually have to replace your HVAC system sooner than expected. Parts will break down, and your energy bills will skyrocket as your air conditioning system struggles to keep up. Schedule your time today!

Manufacturer’s Warranty

To avoid all of this, sign up for a manufacturer’s warranty that covers HVAC maintenance for the complete life cycle of your system. You’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs or replacements again. And who knows – with all the money you’ll save, you might even be able to upgrade to a better model!

Great 24/7 Emergency HVAC Service

We’ll be happy to help you with air conditioning services, cooling equipment, furnace, and commercial HVAC maintenance during business hours, or after-hour emergency ac repair services. We’re just a phone call away, So don’t hesitate to call us today!

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Does UV light kill bacteria and viruses? Fortunately, Ultra Violet lights are highly effective in killing 99.7 of the dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs that are deadly and difficult to eradicate. The genuinely good news is they have been so effective they have eliminated the need to sterilize HVAC systems.


Nobel Prize for Medicine

The germicidal effects of UV light have been known for over a century since Niels Finsen won the prestigious Nobel Prize for medicine by using UV light to treat skin infections. In the battle against Tuberculosis in the 1950s, HVAC UV light was a significant aid in the fight to control and eradicate the virus. yes, UV Light does kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Using UV lights in coil sterilization is a proven method of controlling harmful pathogens in hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants in the US, with excellent efficiency.


Will UV lights help in the battle with the Corona Virus?

The study of Ultra Violet light is a subject of great interest, and the CDC is in the early stages of testing, but it is very promising. In the US, ultraviolet lights help protect us against the Corona Viruses and eliminate bacteria and pathogens.

Many public facilities and businesses use HVAC UV lights to improve indoor air quality. UV Lights are a great tool in the battle to keep our families healthy and our businesses open. The benefits of UV light are good news for our health and economy.


Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses and Do HVAC UV Lights Work?

The idea of light killing off deadly air-borne germs and bacteria may sound a bit like science fiction, but it is science fact. Westinghouse created the first commercial UV-C lamp 1930s. These lamps were used in hospitals in the fight to control TB.

Carrier infinity Air Purification Illustration

Adding UV light and high-quality filters to your HVAC system can genuinely improve the quality of the air your family is breathing.

Hospitals and other facilities have been using Ultraviolet light, also referred to as a germicidal light has been proven effective over decades in improving indoor air quality. It has withstood the test of time and proven its sterilization effectiveness.


How Do UV-C Lights Work?

UV lights used in HVAC systems are called Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems (UVGI for short). An HVAC UV light will create the same type of light found in natural sunlight. The UV rays from this UV light are of a much stronger intensity than the light from the sun by the time it finally reaches the planet.

The atmosphere and distance significantly reduce the Ultra Violet light that gets to the earth. The powerful HVAC UV light kills microorganisms by causing damage to their DNA, leaving them unable to reproduce or killing them outright.

Yes, UV Light does kill Bacteria and Viruses?

UV light bulbs only affect living organisms such as bacteria and viruses, like Staph and strep infection variants, and viruses like the common cold, influenza virus, and SARS.

A High-Quality HVAC Unit Air Filter for your Home

HVAC UV C light is ineffective in improving air quality due to allergens from pets, plants, or cooking odors. A high-quality HVAC unit air filter will eliminate these issues and, when combined with the ultraviolet light, will improve the air quality of your home and business substantially.

Indoor Air Quality

Recent posts concluded that the air inside our homes is 2-5x dirtier than the air outside. HVAC UV light device can help. The invention of air conditioning has made our lives much more comfortable, but it means that the stale air does not move freely out, leaving our indoor air quality unhealthy.

 We build our homes to keep the elements out; this also traps the pollutants inside our homes. We keep our homes closed up to keep the HVAC cooled air in and the sweltering heat out all summer long, then along comes winter, and we want to keep the icy cold out.

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

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Carrier Air Conditioners

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In fact, they hold the Guinness World Record for being the longest running cross-flow AC brand in 2017.

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The lack of air circulation traps the dirty air inside and reduces our home’s air quality. Your choice of adding an HVAC UV light system to your cooling system and a furnace UV light can improve your home’s air quality and your family’s health.

Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Viruses?

Having HVAC UV lights in your heating and cooling system in your home can improve the indoor air quality of your home and business. A UV light bulb in your furnace can be beneficial as well. The UV light bulb used in an HVAC system has the benefits of controlling the growth of fungi, mold, bacteria, and pathogens in your system.

Ultra Violet lights reduce the need for messy vent cleanings and coil sanitation by killing and inhibiting the growth of germs, mold, and other harmful pathogens by keeping your ducts, vents, cooling coils, and air handler cleaner.


The Installation Of HVAC Systems

Many do-it-yourselfers will consider installing a UV-C light that offers the most effective germicidal wavelength in their AC unit or furnace on their own. The proper placement of the bulbs is essential, and a mistake could be costly and may reduce the effectiveness of HVAC lamps in your HVAC system, such as coil sterilization.

The correct placement of HVAC UV lamps in your home or business HVAC unit will fight to stop microbes from building up on your air handler, filters, drain pans, and duct surfaces. The reflective materials in your ducts will help magnify the HVAC UV lights.

The decision of where to place the UV lights is essential. Do you put the light in the air handler, the main supply, or the return duct?

Give us a call, and our professional Atlantis AC technician will be happy to install your HVAC UV light for your home or business. An HVAC Ultraviolet lamps system will help improve your family and employees’ comfort and health by eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Allowing a professional to do the job ensures the correct placement of the Ultra Violet lights for coil sterilization will 

Does UV light kill bacteria and viruses?

help to protect your investment.

Your Atlantis Air Conditioning Corp. has highly trained, experienced technicians ready and available to improve the air quality of your home or business with the proper installation. We have the experience and knowledge to properly install your HVAC UV lights to sanitize your system and get the most benefits from your HVAC system.

We are here to help you protect your family and employees by installing an efficient HVAC UV lamp. Please reach out to arrange an appointment to evaluate your HVAC system and the benefits of installing UV lamps for your coils and controlling mold, bacteria, mold, and odors. At which time we can give you a written estimate of the cost of the installation.


Coil UV Lights

Your HVAC has internal coils, which is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungi. The air flowing over the refrigerant-filled evaporator coils in your air handler allows condensation to form on the surface, creating a breeding ground for mold spores and other microbes. The correct installation of HVAC UV lights in your HVAC aids in coil sterilization.

The UV C light should be in contact with as many coils as possible to kill the growth of these microorganisms in your air handler. A UV C light wavelength can kill 99% or more of these harmful microbes in the ductwork in your heating and cooling system.


Ductwork UV Lights can Help

When installing a UV lights system, it is coordinated with the blower for the most energy-efficient benefits and saves on your energy cost.

The germicidal effect of the UV C light kills the bacteria and germs coming in through the intake vents helping to kill the mold and fungus germs in your systems and reducing the spread of illnesses.

Maintenance of Your HVAC UV Lamp

Once installed, it is essential to monitor the lamp to keep them free of air-borne dust by wiping them with a soft cloth every six months to maintain their total UV efficiency.

It is essential to avoid touching the bulbs when installing, as the oils from your fingers will reduce the UV waves output and could allow the bulb to heat unevenly.

After about 9000 hours, UV lamps will still produce light, but they will lose their germicidal ability to kill microorganisms and mold in your ductwork and for coil sterilization. They will require annual replacement, though the bulbs installed in the evaporator coil will last up to an average of 2 years.

Maintenance will add to the overall cost of an HVAC UV Light lamp, but the benefits of a fully maintained HVAC system with installed UV lamps are well worth the installation and maintenance cost.

Your Atlantis Air conditioning technician can service your HVAC UV lights device during their annual maintenance visits keeping your HVAC

Will HVAC UV Light Device Damage My AC Unit?

An improperly installed lamp can damage your HVAC system. The plus side UV light will also keep algae from blocking your lines and help your unit be more efficient by keeping it cleaner.

While true, it may shorten certain parts’ life span, such as your drip pan or non-UV stabilized plastics. A cleaner system is healthier for your family and reduces the burden on your AC. This energy efficiency will help you save on the cost of running your HVAC in your home or business.

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